Jlove Events

Events by Jess and Jenn

G + J

Venue | Franciscan Gardens

"JLove went above and beyond my expectations in helping plan and coordinate our wedding. They helped ease any and all questions in extreme detail oriented meetings prior to our wedding. I always felt a genuine feeling of comfort after every single meet up and talk through... Jenn, Jess.... thank you so much for helping plan and coordinate the happiest day of my life. I sincerely do not know how we could have done this without you. Thank you so much"
| Joseph |

C + A

Venue | The Ebell Club Long Beach

"Jess and Jenn are absolutely amazing!!! I can't rave about them enough!! Without their help, I would have been a mess while planning my wedding. I hired them as my day of coordinators, but they went truly above and beyond to help me plan my wedding and to make sure everything was taken care of for me."  
| Crystal |

D + G

Venue | Paiute Golf Resort in Las Vegas

"I cannot say enough about Jenn and Jess! First imagine the most thoughtful, kind, and hardworking duo there is then throw in the love of your dearest family and friends... that's them in a nutshell!"
| Diane |